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The parasitic bed bug cannot survive more than 200 days without a living host. The tiny reddish/black insect species grows up to 7 millimeters in controlled environments. To avoid detection in the human living space, the bed bug exhibits nocturnal behavior, feeding when its host is asleep. This is common behavior among the species, even if the host is a day sleeper.

Bed Bug Bite Allergic Reaction

Bed bug bites oftentimes cause an immune response. The victim’s immune system identifies bed bug saliva as an allergen, resulting in an allergic reaction. The immune response is to protect the victim from what the immune system identifies as a life-threatening allergen.

Allergic reactions associated with bed bug bites include redness, edema (swelling), itchiness, and less often, a tiny pustule. Bed bugs do not spread diseases to humans or animals through bites

Bed Bug Management Strategies

Managing the bed bug population requires a group effort, with local pest control companies, property owners, landlords, and businesses. Bed bug infestation has resulted in thousands of dollars in residential and commercial damages. The damage is related to infested mattresses, box springs, carpeting, luggage, clothing, and bed linen. While it is possible to save some of these items with a full laundry cycle, bed bug feces, dried blood, and exoskeletons make it impossible to spare others.

Our bed bug control consists of eco-friendly and conventional treatments. The insects are highly known to hide deep inside the tiniest crevice to avoid detection. Since it may take several weeks or months to validate a bed bug problem, your bed bugs have longer to do more damage.

Our professional bed bug control strategies are customed to ensure cost-efficiency and the highest level of effectiveness.

Bed Bug Prevention Strategies

Bed bug prevention begins when you leave your home behind to visit friends, family members, and old acquaintances in other states. It is not unusual for travelers to book their overnight accommodations in roadside inns, motels, and bed & breakfasts. These establishments report thousands of bed bug sightings by guests and employees, as well as infestations each year. This is just one reason why it is crucial to be on the lookout for bed bugs when traveling.

Conducting visual inspections of a motel room before moving your luggage and personal accessories in is a great place to start. Since bed bugs are drawn to mattresses, bed linen, and box springs, these are the first items to inspection. Carefully inspect the bed linen for signs of bed bugs. If no signs are detected, you should move the inspection to the mattress. To access the mattress, you will need to remove the bed linen from the bed. Be careful not to spread the bed bugs into other areas of the hotel.

You can also protect yourself from becoming a bed bug victim by completing the following tasks:

  • Visually inspect the room before and after entering
  • Inspect your personal assets upon arrival and before exiting the last time
  • Know the signs of a bed bug problem
  • Put all machine-washable items through a full laundry cycle on the maximum temperature setting

Schedule A Bed Bug Inspection

Our pest control company believes in giving back to the community. By doing this, we are helping minimize the number of new bed bug infestation cases each year. Submit your inspection request to our local office at your earliest convenience. We will process your service request within 24 and 48 hours.

Our home inspection is available to all our local community members. It is free, as well as written estimates and quotes.

Bed Bug Pesticide Safety

We utilize safety precautions to protect the environment and our clients from potential chemical pesticide exposure. Our pest control product line consists of conventional, natural, and organic pesticides and insecticides. Our organic and natural pesticides do not pose a threat to the environment. Our conventional pesticides, on the other hand, do contain environmentally unfriendly ingredients.

We protect the environment by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to implement conventional pesticide treatments. We never treat impacted properties when they are occupied by humans and/or animals.

Why Hire Us!

Our bed bug management services are reasonably priced and 100 percent effective. We never back down from a bed bug challenge. Our licensed exterminators and certified pest control technicians are always on standby to assist our community members eradicate their bed bugs.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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