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Beetles are found across the United States. Suffice to say, you’re likely going to encounter these pests at some point. Rest assured knowing we’re going to resolve the problem for you right away. We offer full-scale beetle solutions. Some of the beetle species in our area can indeed damage wood surfaces. Therefore, you should do something about the infestation right away. Call our office. We’re always ready to help.

Reasons You Have Beetles At Home

Remember that you can have beetles for numerous reasons. In most cases, beetles are approaching homes that have debris in their yards. If you leave rotting wood, leaf piles, or firewood on your property, beetles will come. They’re attracted to these items.


Thankfully, beetles are generally not dangerous. They shouldn’t expose you to any health risks. However, they are going to damage wood surfaces. Certain species can damage any wood surfaces and items in your home.

Effective Ways To Remove Beetles

Are you looking for a safe, reliable way to eliminate beetles from your home or office? Don’t delay. Pick up the phone and call our high-quality exterminators right away. We’re not going to stop until the problem is dealt with swiftly. We offer full-scale beetle services so we’re going to resolve the problem immediately.

What About DIY Methods?

You can experiment with DIY beetle services, but we can’t recommend it. These products are only going to lead to bigger problems in the long run. Many of them are unsafe and others are unreliable. To protect the people you love the most, take advantage of our high-quality beetle solutions. We’ll remove them and keep you safe.

Our Techs Are Ready To Help

Don’t stop until your home is free of beetles and other residential pests. Call our office and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

We Always Deliver Safe Solutions

We’re going to keep you safe. Our technicians strive to protect you and the ones you love. We’ll do this using EPA-approved products. When you work with us, you can guarantee that everyone in your home is going to be protected.

Our Costs

We understand that you’re worried about the cost of our services. Rest assured knowing that our services are reasonably priced. The price you’ll pay will be based on the size of your property. When you’re ready to begin, call our office. We’ll send someone to your home. Once they arrive, they’re going to study the situation and give you a bid price. Accept our bid price and the treatment can begin immediately.

Preventing Invasions Of Beetles

Don’t stop under your home is free of beetles. Otherwise, they could damage your belongings and home. Properly seal any small gaps on your walls to keep these unwanted guests out of your home.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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