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The carpenter bee is a stinging insect that is regularly found in our area. Like other stinging insects, carpenter bees can sting. The good news is that the carpenter bee is one of the least aggressive stinging insects in our area. Still, you cannot ignore the infestation because you’ll likely regret it. One of the biggest problems with carpenter bees is the fact that they’re going to damage your home and wood furniture. You should try keeping these pests away from your home. Keep them away from your home so you don’t have to use our services.

Why Are Carpenter Bees On Your Property?

Carpenter bees are stinging insects that are attracted to unprotected softwoods. If you have softwoods that are unpainted and unstained, these stinging insects are going to be eager to invade your property. They’ll build nests in the softwood and use the hole to raise their young. Despite their name, carpenter bees do not consume wood. Since a breeding male and female will return to the same nest next year, the damage will quickly add up.

How Dangerous Are Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees can cause numerous problems in your home. Once they’re inside, there is a good chance that you’re going to run into various issues. Even if they’re on your property, the risks are immense. Carpenter bees can sting so that is one problem. Another is the fact that they’re going to damage wood surfaces. Carpenter bees can sting and hurt people. Get rid of them promptly so you can avoid these risks.

Best Way To Eliminate Carpenter Bees

Don’t forget to DIY methods could be dangerous. Therefore, it is best to tackle the problem using safe, reliable methods. If this is something that worries you, contact our office. We use the safest, more reliable carpenter bee exterminator methods. With our help, the problem will be dealt with promptly. Call us to get started.

We’ll Keep You Safe

We’re going to keep you safe by using EPA-approved products. We’re not going to stop until the pests are gone and everyone in your home is safe. We’ll keep you and your loved ones safe no matter what it takes.

Preventing Future Invasions

The easiest way to keep these pests away is by staining or painting your softwoods. You can also try changing to hardwoods.

When Can You Start?

Call our local office right now. Once we’ve received your call, we’ll call you within 48 hours.

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