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Cockroaches are found across the United States. If you find cockroaches in or around your home, it is pertinent to deal with them promptly. If you don’t, the problem will only worsen. Find a solution and use it to resolve the problem right away. Remember that the world is home to 4,000 identified species of cockroaches. Regardless, only 30 or so are going to enter residential structures. While only five or so are found in our area, these five species can create major issues. It is pertinent to do something about them. Don’t wait. Call our office so our skilled and experienced technicians can resolve the problem right away.

We can eliminate all cockroach species so you can depend on us to get the job done right.

Cockroaches That Could Invade Your Home

Again, you might encounter a handful of cockroach species. Some are common in our area while others are not. Below, you’ll learn more about the cockroaches that could invade your home.

German Cockroaches

The German cockroach is regularly found in our city. We often have to remove this pest from our clients’ homes. They often reach 5/8ths of an inch so they can easily enter using any small hole. The cockroach is a prolific breeder guaranteeing the infestation is going to rapidly worsen. Remember that the German cockroach is going to develop wings, but it will not fly.

American Cockroaches

Our clients often battle American cockroaches because they regularly invade homes in our area. American cockroaches will range in size with the largest being two inches. In terms of color, it is usually reddish-brown. Unfortunately, American cockroaches are large and capable of flying. Plus, they’re going to live for a long time. Once they’ve invaded, you’re not going to get rid of them quickly. The American cockroach tends to approach residential structures that have broken sewer pipes and dried plumbing traps. They want to invade sewer systems and steam tunnels.

You’re also going to encounter a handful of other cockroach species. For instance, you’ll find Pennsylvania wood, Smokey Brown, Surinam, and Brown-banded cockroaches in our city.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches

While they belong to the same species, the female and male Pennsylvania wood cockroaches look much different. When you see them, you may not realize they belong to the same species. Males often reach an inch while females are usually three-quarters of an inch. You’ll also find that males have much longer wings too. As the name suggests, this species is regularly found in the eastern United States, but it can travel to other areas too. They are regularly attracted to properties with wood siding and blocked gutters.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroaches

Although the Spotted Mediterranean cockroach is small, it can create big problems for residents of our city. It is only a third of an inch. Ultimately, this cockroach invaded from Europe many years ago. Today, it is a part of American society. Unfortunately, you’re going to run into them. When this happens, call us so we can get rid of them right away.

Oriental Cockroaches

The oriental cockroach can reach lengths over an inch. They’re dark with females never developing wings. Males will develop wings, but they’ll only cover three-quarters of their bodies. These cockroaches are often compared to American roaches. Both prefer entering sewer systems and steam tunnels. However, oriental cockroaches are not afraid of cold weather. They sometimes hang out around trashcans so they can eat garbage. They’ll also eat feces near your home.

Smokey Brown Cockroaches

The smokey brown cockroach regularly reaches lengths of an inch and a half. It is regularly found in the southern United States. However, the smokey brown cockroach can travel by hiding in shipping containers and boxes. They’re like American and oriental cockroaches. However, adults are always the same color, and they have full wings.

Surinam Cockroaches

Although they’re only three-quarters of an inch, Surinam cockroaches make a big impact in our area. These cockroaches are much different because all of them are female. The cockroach is found in our area, but it prefers warm locations. They tend to hide in greenhouses and similar buildings. Since there are no male cockroaches, the Surinam cockroach will hold eggs internally until they’ve hatched. Then, they’ll give live birth to baby Surinam cockroaches.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Finally, you may encounter brown-banded cockroaches at some point. They’re roughly half an inch. They can be light brown or tan. It is common for people to mistake these cockroaches for German cockroaches. Brown-banded cockroaches are common in our area, but they can still infest buildings in our area.

What Causes Cockroach Infestations?

You’re likely worried that cockroaches are going to invade your home. Ultimately, they can do so for many reasons. In some cases, they want to enter your home so they can eat your leftovers and crumbs. Others are looking for ways to access nearby sewer systems. If you find a lot of cockroaches near your home, call our office. We’ll be ready to eliminate them.

Dangers Associated With Cockroach Infestations

Are you worried that the cockroaches in your home are going to make you sick? You should be. Cockroaches pose numerous risks to consumers despite not biting or stinging. As the infestation worsens, the risk of illness is significantly higher. Therefore, you must tackle the problem before it worsens. We recommend calling our office because we offer highly reliable cockroach treatments. Cockroaches can contaminate food sources and surfaces. They often cause outbreaks of salmonella, food poisoning, and other illnesses. A large infestation can also cause people to experience asthma attacks.

Get rid of them before one of your loved ones gets sick.

When Can You Get Here?

We’re eager to help you resolve this problem right away. When you call our office, you can count on us responding within 24 to 48 hours.

Safer Cockroach Solutions

We’re going to protect our clients during each phase of the treatment process. Other exterminators may not. We keep you safe by using the safest cockroach solutions. For instance, we’re going to rely solely on products approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. These products are non-toxic and effective. Working with us ensures that you can rectify the problem safely and quickly. Working with us guarantees that you’re going to be safe during each phase. We’ll ensure that everyone in your home is protected.

Are you interested in learning more? Call our office to talk to one of our friendly representatives. They’ll tell you more about our safe solutions.

Cockroach Prevention Strategies

A cockroach colony will continue to grow when a food source is fully accessible. The insect species feed on household waste, nonperishable food products, fecal material, and other edibles.

We believe cockroach prevention is possible, but only when all members of the household are involved. The same thing can also be said about commercial cockroach prevention. If the owner and employees refuse to get involved in the prevention process.

Our clients can assist when implementing the prevention strategy by completing the following tasks:

  • Seal all cockroach entry points with silicone, caulk, foam insulation, metal screen, and metal sheeting
  • Learn how to conduct a cockroach inspection
  • Develop a cleaning plan, targeting high-risk areas (kitchen, dining room, pantries, and kitchen cabinets)
  • Never store nonperishable food products in vulnerable containers. Instead, store the food in stainless-steel, ceramic, or glass storage containers
  • Educate every member of the family about cockroaches
  • Learn how to identify the cockroaches that inhabit your neighborhood

We also suggest our free cockroach consultation. We will dispatch a pest control expert to your property to conduct a visual inspection. The evidence gathered through the inspection will need to be applied to a treatment strategy.

Professional Cockroach Management Treatment

Cockroach infestation is by far one of the most difficult to eradicate. These insects live in colonies of dozens, hundreds, or thousands, depending on the severity of the infestation. Once cockroaches have infiltrated your property, they are not going to leave unless intervention is implemented.

Over-the-counter pest control products – insecticides, pesticides, foggers, and adhesive traps – have limitations. These products are low potency, restricting their usages. It is crucial to implement a treatment intervention immediately upon the detection of live cockroaches or the signs of an infestation.

We also offer a line of eco-friendly cockroach treatments. Organic and natural pest control products are available at affordable pricing. We offer free a written quotes via appointments only. Schedule your free consultation, with written estimate today. Any delay could potentially complicate your case.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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