Heat Treatment

Are you worried about having bedbugs in your home? You might. If you search your home and find bedbugs inside, do something about it. The best way to resolve the problem is by taking advantage of our comprehensive heat treatments. Our heat treatments provide numerous benefits. They’re safe, reliable, and eco-friendly.

How Heat Works

Our heat treatments will prove to be effective and reliable. The technique works exceptionally well because bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. When bedbugs are exposed to extremely hot temperatures, they’ll either escape the home or die. Our heat treatments are best because they’re going to reach every corner of your home. The heat will even reach and eliminate bedbugs hiding in deep holes. You’ll also appreciate that it eliminates bedbugs and eggs. Nothing is going to survive when our heat treatments are used effectively.

Your home’s temperature is going to climb to 140-degrees or higher. We’ll maintain these temperatures for a few hours to guarantee that the bugs are eliminated.

Better Than The Rest

You’ll find that our heat treatments are better than the rest. When compared to the alternative options, it is hard to beat our heat treatments. The bugs will not be able to survive. Still, there is always a slim chance that some bedbugs are going to escape the home and return once we’ve left. Our technicians are trained to prevent this from happening. Working with us is the best way to guarantee that your home is free of pests again.

Temperature Is Important

When using heat to eliminate bedbugs in a dwelling, the temperature is incredibly important. It is vital to make sure that the temperatures remain over 140-degrees. Our technicians are not going to let the temperatures fluctuate. If the exterminator does, the method will not be effective.

Keeping You Safe

Our technicians are going to keep you safe. We’ll work hard to ensure that you’re going to be protected during the treatment process. We’ll ask you to leave the dwelling until we’re done. Don’t worry. It won’t take long for us to eliminate the pests. Before you know it, you can return to your dwelling.

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