Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Whether you are trying to avoid a bed bug infestation or dealing with a current one, there is a good chance that you’ve discovered the market is currently oversaturated with products, lures, pesticides, and chemicals. There are all kinds of products available today, promising to eliminate these pesky parasites with the utmost efficiency. The only problem is a lot of them are over-the-counter and DIY products, making them less effective than what the pros offer. This being said, there is one product that can truly work wonders for you and your home. This would be the bed bug mattress cover.

What Is A Bed Bug Mattress Cover

When you hear the term bed bug mattress cover, you should think of nothing more than a large sandwich or garbage bag. Although much more complex in design, the theory remains near the same. The entire purpose of the product is to wrap around your mattress and trap bugs inside while also preventing new ones from taking up residence there. When you think about it, the product works in a similar fashion as the common sandwich or garbage bag. The product can also be just as invaluable. Even if your home hasn’t already been invaded, you can install these products for preventive measures.

Choosing The Right Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Although bed bug mattress covers are invaluable to your home, choosing the right one won’t be the easiest thing in the world. There are tons of different designs and styles. And to top it off, these products are all created by different manufacturers. Needless to say, it makes choosing one extremely difficult. To choose the best possible one for your home, you’ll need to know exactly what qualities to look for.

Does It Fully Encase The Mattress?

When searching for a bed bug mattress cover the first question you need to ask is if the cover fully covers the mattress. Just like a sandwich bag, these products are going to be ineffective if they don’t cover the entirety of the product they are designed to protect. Luckily, this part of the selection process is as simple as choosing the right size. If you have a queen-sized mattress, you’ll want to choose a queen-sized cover.

Does It Fully Seal The Mattress?

Just because the mattress cover fully engulfs the mattress, it doesn’t necessarily mean all is well. In fact, you’ll need to make sure the product fully seals around the mattress. The whole theory of the product is to prevent bugs from escaping the mattress while also stopping new ones from turning the mattress into a home. The cover won’t be able to do this if it doesn’t fully seal around the mattress. You’ll discover that the best mattress covers offer reinforced seams on the zippers as well as zipper seals, an extra material that goes around the teeth of the zipper when the zipper is closed and locked.

Has It Been Tested?

Do not buy a bed bug mattress unless it has been certified and tested. It might sound kind of crazy, but there are a variety of these products out there that haven’t been tested. Better yet, make sure you choose a product that has been third-party tested. This prevents the parent company from skewing the test results in their favor. A lot of things can look good on paper but fail in the field. This is something testing beforehand will prevent.

Choosing an untested mattress cover will come back to haunt you. Pick a good one to ensure that it is going to make a big difference.

Does It Include Toxins?

Chemicals and pesticides have long been used to eliminate and control bed bugs. This is likely because they’ve proven extremely effective. However, you have to remember that a bed bug mattress cover is being installed around your mattress, meaning you are sleeping with this product. Choosing to sleep with a product filled with toxins and chemicals could potentially be dangerous. While it would likely offer more effective and faster results, it could put you and your family at risk. If you do choose a mattress infused with toxins and chemicals, you can simply let it air out for a day or two before installing it.

Choosing A Professional Pest Management Firm

Despite all the products available today, it is the professional pest management firm that is your best option. Especially when you choose a firm like ours. We offer a whole line of dedicated, knowledgeable, and qualified pest management professionals. While bed bug mattress covers can be extremely effective, it doesn’t take much to render them useless. A small rip, a tear, or even an improper installation could render the product ineffective. Therefore, it is always best to let us do the heavy lifting and hard work for you. We’ll do it with a smile on our faces.

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