When Is The Appropriate Time To Contact An Exterminator?

Termites are very tiny insects, but they can leave massive devastation on your home and property. The first sign of a termite infestation is wood damage, which may have the appearance of rotten wood. You will see tunnels that have been burrowed into the wood, if you take a screwdriver and probe around, you will be able to see the depths of the tunnels. Below, you will discover more information about the common insects and parasites that target humans and their homes.


You may question when you should contact an exterminator. Well, believe it or not, you do not need an excuse to contact an exterminator in Philadelphia. In fact, this professional can assist and educate you on the common insects and parasites that prey on humans and their property. Many homeowners will hire an exterminator for maintenance purposes, just to prevent an infestation. While, you may feel that this is service is unnecessary, it truly can help save you some money in the event of an infestation.

If you prefer to wait until your home is infested, you can do so, but as soon as you discover the problem, you should immediately contact a pesticide company. It is genuinely never too early to contact this professional, because they can help you safe-proof your home and make it unattractive to these pesky critters.

What You Can Do

An exterminator can treat the infestation with the appropriate non-chemical insecticides, but you will need to assist to some extent. What this basically means is that you will need to spruce up around your home and remove any items that could potentially attract insects. Of course, by this point you cannot replace your foundation, but for of you who have not built their home yet, a concrete foundation is highly recommended. Remember, termites are only attracted to wood structures, so a concrete foundation will be totally spared from damage.

It is also crucial to repair plumbing leaks as soon as possible, because termites absolutely love wood that is water sodden. Seal cracks, vent the crawlspace, avoid storing firewood near the home, and inspect your home on a routine basis.

Treatment Options

If you have pets or small children, living in your home you should avoid pesticides that contain dangerous chemicals. Many professional exterminators will offer a variety of treatment options for you to choose from. Environmental friendly insecticides are much safer and prevent you from needing to evacuate your home. Chemical treatments are very powerful and will annihilate the termites in a time efficient manner.

Termite baits also work very efficiently and are very affordable. You can also utilize these as part of a maintenance plan to prevent an infestation.


You do not need an excuse to contact an exterminator. In fact, many of these professionals are more than welcome to offer advice and treatment recommendations to the public. If you are interested in safe-proofing your home, you should contact an exterminator that provides service to the Philadelphia area. You would be surprised at how affordable this service is and how it can protect your home from devastating effects of an infestation.


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