Things To Know When Looking For A Pest Control Solution

Dayton, Ohio has been hit with an abundance of pest control problems within the past few years. Public facilities, public transportation and homeowners have all been plagued by this very problem. If you haven’t been affected yet, you’re in luck. However, you need to understand that everyone is prone to pests and an infestation can happen at any point in time. Before a problem occurs, you’ll want to scan through the information below and learn how to find the best pest control solution Dayton Ohio has to offer.

Identify The Problem

Most homeowners will immediately think about cockroaches, when they hear someone mention a pest problem. This is no coincidence, as cockroaches are undeniably the most common. However, the scope of the problems is truly massive. There are numerous pests and rodents that will target nice, warm homes. Termites, rats, bed bugs and other similar pests could very well infiltrate your home and wreak havoc. Each specific bug will come with its own set of unique problems and eradication is truly your only solution.

Know Your Schedule And Price

Another thing to remember is that an extermination is going to cost money and it’ll require a bit of your time. With this in mind, you’ll need to know your limitations. How much can you realistically spend to get the problem taken care of? At the same time, you’ll need to consider your schedule. Will you be able to take off of work? Will someone else be there to watch over the extermination? And finally, will you have somewhere to stay, during the exterminator is performing their duties? You’ll need an answer to each and every one of these questions, before trying to find the best company.

Consider The Risks

Another thing to consider the risk involved with chemical sprays. Many exterminators aren’t worried about the risks you and your family will face. However, a few companies will be happy to stick with safe products and you’ll definitely want to find one of these groups. Don’t allow the exterminator to put your family in harm’s way. Speak with the exterminator and make sure they only use safe products.

Do Your Research

Also, you need to understand that no exterminator is equal. Some of these groups will be able to outperform their competitors. In order to guarantee that you get the best service possible and the results that you desire, you’ll need to do your research. Make sure you research the company’s history, reputation and their past performances. Have they ever been involved in a lawsuit for neglect or something similar? What is their current rating with the BBB? What have previous clients said about the company’s performance? Make sure you know the answers to each of these questions, before handing over your money and allowing the exterminator to enter your home.


If you’re lucky, you might never deal with a bed bug or pest infestation. However, the risk is enormous and you are not safe. Everyone can be impacted and you could be next. With the information above, you’ll at least have a fighting chance!

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