Everything You Need To Know About Termites And Hiring A Termite Control Company

Hiring a termite control company in Philadelphia does not need to consume hours of your precious time. In fact, if you do your homework and research, you will find a suitable company within an hour, more or less. There are many factors to consider when hiring any type of public service provider. Below, you will discover exactly what these are and some very important information about termite control companies.

What Is A Termite?

If you are unfamiliar with the common insects and parasites that target humans and their homes, you will not even beware of an initial problem. This means that your home’s foundation could be damaged beyond repair, before the actual discovery. A termite is a tiny insect that feeds on exposed or decaying wood. Most people know exactly what an ant looks like and will oftentimes mistake the termite for an ant. They are roughly the same size, but their body, wings, and antennas are entirely different.

The ant has front and hind wings, which vary in size, but the front wings are always longer than the rear wings. This is unlike the termite, even though they as well have front and hind wings. The termite’s wings are all about the same size, so they are very prominent. Another major difference is the antennae. The ant’s antenna generally has a 90 degree bend, whereas the termite’s antenna is generally straight and may or may not droop. The termite’s body is also much smaller than the ant, making it more difficult to detect.

What Should You Be Looking For?

Termites are like any other insect, as they will leave their devastating mark everywhere they go. Termites are well-known for tunneling through soil and these tunnels can range anywhere from ¼-1 mile long. The tunnels are utilized to access food sources and prevent humans from detecting their presence. One of the most obvious signs of a termite infestation is damaged wood. The wood will have hollow spots burrowed inside of it. You may also see wood particles or dust lying on the ground. This is where the termites have been gnawing away at the wood.

Why Immediate Treatment Is A Necessity?

As with any type of parasitic or insect infestation, termites work extremely quickly. The longer your delay, taking action the more damage will occur. The longer the termites are allowed to continue their devastating work, the more damage you will need to repair. In fact, the repair expenses could reach up into the triple digits, before you know it.

What Should I Do?

After you discover signs of a termite infestation, you should immediately begin searching for a termite control company in Philadelphia. This company should be insured and bonded, so if an employee accidentally damages your home, you will receive full reimbursement without suing.


Never hire the first exterminator you find in the phonebook. Instead, do extensive research on each option and always take the time to view the current and former customer reviews. These comments and ratings hold a wealth of information that will prove to be very valuable.

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