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Dayton, Ohio is one of the nicest, cleanest and most amazing places in the entire country. Those that happen to reside in the city are truly blessed and will find the locals to be kind, pleasant and very welcoming. As a homeowner in the area, you’ll understand that Dayton is a wonderful place to live. Sadly, even areas like Dayton can be hit with hard times and one of the most devastating would be a pest problem. The good news is that there are numerous exterminators in Dayton Ohio and all of them are more than capable of rectifying your problem. However, we believe that we’re the best!

Before we delve into the reasons why, we would like to take the time to help you learn about pests and the problems they’ll bring.

Things To Know

When it comes down to it, many homeowners are unfamiliar with the potential repercussions of a pest problem. They also have no idea how bugs could infiltrate their homes. This is an incredible problem and needs to be fixed right away. By learning about bugs from the top pest control company in Dayton Ohio, you’ll have a much better chance of preventing an infestation and eliminating one rapidly. Below, you’ll learn a little more about pests, so you will know how to move forward, if your home becomes a target.

  • Nobody Is Safe – While many people do not know it, any home could become infested with pests. Even if you spend eight hours a day sweeping, mopping and dusting your home, you will never be able to completely eliminate the risks. Suffice to say, filth and uncleanliness have nothing to do with some infestations. Even roaches are capable of infiltrating a clean, well-kept home.
  • Precautions Can Be Taken – Despite the aforementioned fact, it is possible for consumers to take precautions, which can potentially decrease the chances of an infestation. Closing up holes around your home’s doors and windows will block entryways and will make it harder for pests to find a way inside. This might not completely prevent an infestation, but it can help.
  • DIY Isn’t Always Effective – Some homeowners mistakenly believe that they’ll be able to fix the problem on their own. This is sometimes possible, but not always. When dealing with bed bugs or termites, making control with a professional pest control company in Dayton OH will become a necessity. There are over-the-counter solutions for many bugs, but a lot of them are ineffective. Others are only effective for a short period of time and the bugs will return before you know it.
  • No Embarrassment – Unfortunately, many homeowners will shy away from making contact with an exterminator in Dayton Ohio, because they’ll be embarrassed of their predicament. There is no doubt that the homeowner will feel awkward about roaches or rodents roaming through their home. However, it is essential to put these feelings at the back of your home. The only surefire way to eliminate a pest control problem in Dayton is by making contact with a professional. Ignore your emotions, pick up the phone and give us a call as soon as possible!
  • Potentially Dangerous – When it comes down to it, you need to realize that some pests can be dangerous! Each presents their own set of risks and some could very well transmit diseases! If you’ve discovered that your home has been infested by rats or other rodents, you cannot afford to delay! Make contact with our Dayton pest control company right now, so you can fix the problem and keep your family safe!

Even if you’re not afraid of rodents and roaches, you need to understand the risks involved. Some of these critters are capable of carrying and transmitting disease! In order to protect your pets, children, and other loved ones, you need to take care of the problem immediately. At the same time, some pests can prove to be destructive and will rapidly devalue your home, by tearing up the drywall and damaging your home’s foundation. Suffice to say, the importance of seeking help immediately is truly paramount.

Numerous Ways To Get Infested

Many homeowners have formed the misconception that the only way to get pests is by failing to properly maintain and clean their homes. Although this is one way to increase your chances of falling prey to rodents and roaches, it isn’t the only way. In fact, some bugs do not specifically target dirty homes. Below, you’ll discover some of the most common ways for pests to infiltrate a home.

  • Neighborly Love – One of the biggest reasons a homeowner will encounter a bug problem is their neighbors. Most bugs are capable of traveling over a long distance and they won’t stop, until they’re able to find food. If your neighbor’s home has been infested with roaches, you can guarantee that you’ll find roaches in your yard and possibly inside of your home. This is also true with bed bugs and the problem escalates for those that reside in dorms, condos and apartment buildings.
  • A Motel Stay – When you go on vacation, you want to get away from it all and escape your stressors for a period of time. This will usually involve a night or two in a motel. When you return home, you’ll want to be very cautious about bringing your belongings back inside. Motels can be safe havens for bed bugs and roaches. If these bugs have taken shelter in your luggage or clothing, they’ll travel with you and will enter your home as soon as you do. A quick spin in the washer and drive can help.
  • Buying Used – A lot of consumers like the ideal of buying used furniture. Sure, it can help you save money, but used items are risky. They can carry pests and they’ll be given the opportunity to enter your home, once you bring the used items into your home. If you insist on purchasing used clothing or furniture, you should make sure to clean the items thoroughly and dry them with heat, before bringing them inside.

Truly, it is possible for any home in the country to suffer from a bug infestation. Some may be more prone to problems than others, but nobody is invulnerable. With this in mind, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with us right now.

We’re The Top Exterminator In Dayton Ohio

We understand that there are numerous exterminators within the Dayton area. However, we truly believe that our services will outshine our competitors. We go above and beyond to cater our services to each and every one of our client’s needs and desires. If you’re not totally satisfied with your experience, we want to know about it, so we can make things right and improve our services for all future clients. Below, you’ll learn about the perks of utilizing our company for your pest control problem.

  • Our company’s technicians are thoroughly trained, before they’re allowed to enter a client’s home. This helps to prevent accidents and helps to ensure that the technician is capable of eliminating the pests in a single visit.
  • Before a technician is added to the roster, they’re forced to undergo extensive background checks. This isn’t the case with other Dayton exterminators and it could very well put your family at risk. Our background checks help to ensure that only trustworthy individuals are allowed to enter the client’s home.
  • We understand the consumers are concerned about exterminator products and sprays. We share those concerns and want our clients to receive the safest solution possible. This is why we only implement the use of safe solutions. With our services, you can rest assured knowing your children and pets will never be put at risk.
  • Our company is completely bonded and insured. If you work with an exterminator, who isn’t bonded and insured, you’ll taking a massive risk and it could very well come back to haunt you in the future. If an accident happens at your property, you can rest assured knowing our insurance will cover the cost.
  • We sincerely sympathize with your current circumstances and understand that you’ll probably want to keep your problem a secret from your friends and family members. This is why we carry out our services covertly. During our visit, we’ll make sure that nobody is aware of your problem.

Truly, we just want to help. Whether you’re trying to eliminate rodents, bed bugs or rodents, we can help. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and incredibly experienced. This helps to guarantee that they’ll never be surprised by whatever is thrown their way.

Get Help Immediately

You need to seek help immediately after discovering your pest problem. This cannot be stressed enough. Failing to get help will increase the risks and compound your problems. Our company representatives are waiting on standby and they’re more than willing to help you acquire the rectification that you’ve always dreamed of. Remember that each technician is thoroughly trained to eliminate a wide range of different critters, including rats, roaches, bed bugs, and even termites. No matter what type of problem you’re trying to conquer, we can help.


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